Social class and crime

Social class and crime

Here is an article I have found that describes the correlation between social classes and crime.



The Yorkshire Ripper

Peter Sutcliffe, aka, The Yorkshire Ripper, is a patient at Broadmoor Mental Hospital.

He claimed that God had told hime to rid the world of prostitutes.

Here are the victims of his attacks:

As you’ll see, there are a few he didn’t manage to kill. All of these women suffered mental illnesses and never had the same life after their attack like Travy Browne who suffered terrible agrophoebia after her attack. One, Marilyn Moore, even returned as a prostitute after she was nearly murdered. Why weren’t these women looked after when they were nearly murdered by a notorious killer?
Was it because of their working class background and social class?


What should have been done with the money spent on Madeline McCan?

A discussion taking place on mumsnet about the finances given towards the investigation of Madeline McCan.

Main points raised are that the money spent on Madeline should be used on other children who have recently disappeared and have a bigger chance of being found.

Also, the coverage of her disappearance has shadowed all other child abductions.